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Information on drugs

Drugs: Help and Referral:
  • Give you information on intended and unintended effects of various psychotropic drugs;
  • Explain the withdrawal syndrome of various products;
  • The effects of a regular consumption;
  • The symptoms of an overdose;
  • Answers to all your questions regarding substance abuse.
La référence québécoise en matière de toxicomanie :

CAGE Tests

  1. Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking (or drug use)?
  2. Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking (or drug use)?
  3. Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking (or drug use)?
  4. Have you ever had a drink (or used drugs) first thing in the morning to make you feel good?
At least two positive answers to the test, should likely uncover the existence of excessive consumption of alcohol (or drugs) problems.
John Ewing was the first to describe the CAGE screening test in the J American Medical Association 1984; 252: 1905-1907

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